Will Cubs Look to Deal Carlos Zambrano?

Carlos Zambrano’s trials and tribulations have been well documented since he signed a 5 year 91.5 million dollar deal in August of 2007. Although Carlos has not put terrible numbers during the current contract he certainly has not put up numbers expected of a 18 million per season pitcher.

Another big concern is the emotional outbursts Zambrano has had on multiple occasions. The latest being on June 25th 2010 leading the Cubs to suspend him indefinitely. After completing anger management Zambrano worked his way back into the starting rotation for the last two months of the 2010 season.

During those two months Zambrano went 8-0 in 11 starts not allowing more than two runs in any of the 11 starts. That is outstanding production by any standard.

So Zambrano’s late season production definitely begs the question of is there a team out there willing to take Zambrano off the Cubs hands? Like maybe the deep pocketed Yankees as a consolation prize after losing out on Cliff Lee. Zambrano only has two years left on the current deal so for a normal team 2 years for 36 million seems insane. But as we have seen in the past no dollar amount is obscene for the Yankees if they decide they want a player. Plus Sergio Mitre does not exactly have the Red Sox quaking in their hitting shoes.


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