Edgar Renteria is Offended by Giants 1 Million Offer?

For the past couple days there have been conflicting reports about comments Edgar Renteria may have made about the Giants 1 year, 1 million dollar offer.

Josh Alper of the FanHouse reported on Friday that Renteria called the Giants offer “total disrespect”.

Renteria’s agent Barry Mesiter reportedly called the Giants on Friday to smooth things out. Meister said Renteria’s comments “weren’t necessarily an accurate characterization”.  This is curious since they were on ESPN Deportes. I find it hard to believe EPSN Deports would misquote Renteria or have some sort of ax to grind.

Renteria signed a two year 18.5 million dollar contract before the 2009 season. And it is an understatement to say Giants fans have not been pleased by Renteria’s paltry production during his two seasons in San Francisco.

Renteria battled injuries in 2010 but played well at times. And played extremely well in the World Series earning the series MVP.

Renteria obviously sees the money Juan Uribe and Miguel Tejada got this off season and thinks he is in their class. That was true when he was an everyday player but he has not been an effective everyday player since 2008.

The offers for Renteria aside form the Giants must be pretty limited if any?  Otherwise why even mention the Giants if you have better offers on the table? Renteria is no longer a 9 million dollar a season player and he has to come to grips with that fact. Yes he can still show flashes of the player he was in the past but to think he can do it for a  full season is a big reach.

Renteria would be a valuable addition to the Giants as a backup infielder for 1-2 million. But any more than that would probably prove an unwise signing.


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