Albert Pujols and Cardinals Reportedly Not Close to New Contract

Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Cardinals and Albert Pujols are not close on a new contract.

Pujols has imposed a negotiating deadline of the first day of Cardinals spring training which is February 18. He says if a deal is not done by then he will become a free agent following the 2011 season.  He has maintained all along that he will not negotiate once spring training starts.

He is rumored to be asking for a deal above the 10-year $275 million deal Alex Rodriguez signed before the 2008 season. It is undeniable that the Cardinals have enjoyed having Pujols for far below market value for his whole career.  And it appears that will end following the 2011 season. It appears at this point Pujols is not offering a “home town discount”.

Stay tuned as this story will continue to grow between now and the 18th.


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