Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Day in Review

John Heyman Tweets there is virtually no chance of Albert Pujols reaching a deal with the Cardinals by the reported deadline of February 16th.!/SI_JonHeyman/status/3

Wednesday Michael Young Notes

Yankees Reportedly Not Interested in Young!/Buster_ESPN/st

Phillies Reportedly Not Interested in Young

Justin Morneau Begins Hitting and Fielding Drills is reporting Joba Chamberlain will start 2011 in the Yankees bullpen.

Sergio Mitre will likely be the fifth starter on the Yankees depth chart going into Spring Training. It is safe to say Mitre will little margin for error in the starting rotation. If he falters early the Chamberlain to the starting rotation rumors are sure to start.

Ross Ohlendorf Wins Salary Arbitration Hearing Against Pirates


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