Latest on Albert Pujols

Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak refused to comment on the Pujols negotiations on Saturday.

The Cardinals and Pujols seem no closer to a deal than they were at the end of the 2010 season.

They are reportedly leery of going beyond 7-years when Pujols is widely thought to be asking for a 10-year deal.

Both sides have said all along negotiations would be held in private. The long speculated deadline of the start of spring training is rapidly approaching with no resolution in sight.

Pujols is unquestionably the best hitter of the past 10-years and in baseball’s current economic landscape Pujols is undoubtedly worth the rumored $30 million per season asking price.

But the question facing the Cardinals or potential suitors after the 2011 season is how much will a 40 year old Pujols be worth in year 9 or 10?

An underperforming 40 year first baseman earning $30 million per season would be the biggest albatross in major league history.


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