Albert Pujols Deadline Passes

The deadline Albert Pujols imposed for negotiating a new with the Cardinals came and went with a whimper on Wednesday.

Multiple reports say the Cardinals were offering a deal in the 7-year range at around $20 million per season. The reported offer would have left Pujols at around the tenth highest paid player in the league.

This would certainly fall under the category of a low-ball offer it the reports are true.

Sure $20 million per season is a lot of money but Pujols is unquestionably the most productive hitter of the past 10-years.

Pujols is arguably the most important commodity in St. Louis with apologies to Stan Musial and The Gateway Arch. A player of such stature does not deserve an offer that is basically telling him to hit the bricks.

Late reports this evening say Pujols is open to talking deal with the Cardinals after the season, But you have to wonder if Pujols is merely playing the part of the good guy before going into a media shut down tomorrow?


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