San Francisco Giants Game 2 Thoughts, 4/1/11

Thoughts from Game 2


1. Brandon Belt looked good at the plate hitting his first major league homer. Giants fans are going to have to be patient with Belt when he hits a slump at some point during the season. Advance scouts will be looking for any weakness in his plate appearances. When they find it he will he to show he can adjust. That being said he has looked incredibly poised in his first two games and looks like he is in the big leagues to stay.

2. Pablo Sandoval had a couple hits and looked more agile in the field.

3. Dan Runzler had two nice innings retiring all 6 hitters he faced on only 16 pitches.


1.  The defense was horrible again. The defense only made 73 errors last season and has already made 5 in two games this season. The Giants need to hope Cody Ross comes back by the end of April. Huff and Burrell in the outfield at the same time is not going to work for the long-term.

2. Jonthan Sanchez was his enigmatic self tonight. At times he looked dominant. At at times he looked lost.

3. The Giants scored all three runs tonight on one swing of Brandon Belt’s bat. It’s hard to win a lot of games setting back and waiting for the 3-run homer. Billingsley dominated the Giants in 2010 but did not look to have dominating stuff tonight. I would have liked to seen the Giants scratch out another run or two against him.


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