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San Francisco Giants Win the Pennant

October 23, 2012

I am not a professional writer and have no such aspirations. But when I see a writer from Detroit taking shots at San Francisco Giants fans and AT&T Park it makes me mad.

I am 99% sure this “writer” is stooping to tabloid journalism to get eyeballs to his employers website.

I visited Detroit over the summer and attended a game at Comerica Park and had a great time. The fans were all first class and I think Detroit is a first class city.

Unfortunately we now have a writer that is trying to become the story rather than report the story. The story should be of the two best Major League Baseball teams squaring off in the World Series.

Not some hack writer taking shots at what is widely regarded to be one of the best ballparks in the country. As well as the San Francisco Giants and their fans.

And save me the writer was kidding explanation. Is he auditioning as a writer for a sitcom or is he a sports writer for fantastic baseball team with tons of stories to tell?

Tell us some story’s about the Tigers and their quest to win the World Series. I may not agree with them but at least I would respect them and the writer.

I ¬†don’t update this blog due to time constraints and doubt anybody will even read this but wanted to write how I felt about what I consider to be an article written in very poor taste.