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Friday December 24, 2010 Day in Review

December 25, 2010

Brad Hawpe to Sign with Padres

Mets will Give D.J Carrasco Change to Earn 5th Spot in Rotation

Johnny Damon Reportedly has Three Suitors


Latest on Adrian Beltre, Brandon Webb and Jeff Francis

December 22, 2010
It is a slow day so far as Christmas approaches. Only a couple of minor updates this morning. 

The Adrian Beltre situation is getting more interesting every day. His Agent Scott Boras is reportedly asking for around 90 million over 5 years. The only two offers that have been publicized are a 5 year 64 million dollar offer from the Athletics that has reportedly been pulled. And a 5 year 70 million dollar offer from the Angels which has also reportedly been pulled.

Other teams have been mentioned as possible suitors for Beltre including the Rangers. But no other teams appear to have significant interest at the moment.

This appears to be a situation of Boras trying to get the Angels to bid against themselves. Angels owner Arte Moreno is a smart businessman and knows the biggest spending teams including the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies are almost assuredly are not interested in signing Beltre.

My guess is the Angels will end up signing Beltre.

Brandon Webb rumors were rampant on Tuesday including a deal with the Rangers was eminent. These rumors were quickly rebuffed and Webb remains unsigned as of this morning. The teams most linked with Webb at this point are the Ranges, Nationals and Cubs. The were also whispers of a “mystery team” The idea of a mystery team sounds funny until you remember a mystery team ended up signing Cliff Lee.

Jeff Francis has been linked with five teams including the Mets, Nationals, Pirates, Rangers and Yankees. Francis has never lived up to his early career hype and battled shoulder problems. At this point in his career he is a low cost pitcher with some upside for a team looking to take a flier on a fifth starter.

Mets Looking to Acquire Tom Gorzelanny?

December 17, 2010
Mark J Miller of Yahoo Sports is reporting the Mets have shown interest in acquiring Tom Gorzelanny from the Cubs. Gorzelanny made only 800k last year but is arbitration eligible this off season. He posted a respectable 4.09 ERA last season for an underachieving Cubs team. But his 1.496 WHIP has to be a concern for people considering him in their fantasy leagues in 2011.

Yankees to Sign Pedro Feliciano to Two Year Deal

December 17, 2010
Jon Heyman is reporting the Yankees will sign Pedro Feliciano to a 2 year deal in the 4 million per season range. The Red Sox and Phillies had reportedly showed interest in the former Mets reliever. Feliciano is a decent left handed reliever that should provide depth to the Yankees bullpen

Jose Reyes Future with the Mets.

December 12, 2010

With the recent signings of Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford to 125 + million dollars deals one has to think about Jose Reyes testing the free agent market after the 2011 season. The Mets have already exercised an 11 million option for 2011.  At this point they seem content to wait and see if Reyes can stay healthy and get back to his pre 2009 form. It seems like Reyes has been around forever yet he is still just 27. I think it’s safe to say Reyes will be highly motivated in 2011 after seeing the types of contracts being handed out to players like Werth and Crawford. Now the question is can he stay healthy for a full season?